Report: 30th Congress of the Union of European Phoniatricians, Turkey 2023

In April 2023 our member-at-large Bo Rosenkull took part in 30th Congress of the Union of European Phoniatricians in Turkey and has written his short report on the event.

After several years of waiting due to the pandemic, it was finally time for the 30th Congress of the Union of European Phoniatricians (UEP). The congress was located at the beautiful Xanadu resort in Antalya, Turkey. At the transdisciplinary congress, phoniatricians, ENT doctors, speech pathologists, voice pedagogues, singers and others met. Over 500 delegates from 50 countries attended and most well represented were Turkey, Italy, Germany, USA, Russia and South Korea. Due to the scope of the congress (142 lectures in six or seven simultaneous sessions) it was naturally difficult to catch up with more than just a part of the offer. Many of the presentations were very interesting and to name just a few that I attended I would like to mention these.

• Josef Schlömicher-Thier specialist in ENT responsible for the Salzburg Festival’s singers spoke under the heading Understanding singing voice – Show must go on?

• Matthias Echternach – Registers in Singing

• Bernhard Richter – Insights into the psychology of singing

• Lisa Popeil – Safe and beautiful belting

• Ana Martinez Arellano – Irrintzi singing

• Shoira Makhamadfaminova – Uzbek makom singing

• Eleonora Bruni and Cathrin Sadolin – Extreme singing

Example of Uzbek Manqom singing

Another particularly interesting lecture/workshop was led by an Italian research team. The title of their talk was How to easily hydrate and lubricate the vocal folds for improving phonation. They had us moisten a piece of gauze through which we then inhaled through our noses for ten minutes. After that we were asked to once again phonate. We observed the difference both in ourselves and in others. The effect would then remain for two hours. For those who want to read more, the article Nasal breathing through a damp gauze enhances surface hydration of the vocal folds and optimizes vocal function was published in the Journal of Voice 2021.

I myself presented a masterclass in which three very good singers from the Ankara State Opera participated. I also gave a shorter lecture on The Singer in the Choir. In connection with my participation, I naturally took the opportunity to speak briefly about EVTA and everyone’s opportunity to become Friends of EVTA.

Furthermore, it could be noted that many of the lecturers repeatedly emphasized the devastating effect of coughing on the voice. And never before have I seen so many sick, strange and outlandish vocal folds in giant magnification at the same time! The entire congress was incredibly well organized and offered in addition an evening of fantastic Turkish music and dance! A big compliment to Haldun Ohuz, Ilter Denizoglu, Ahmed Genied and their team! The next UEP congress will take place in Prague in June 2025.

Prof. Bo Rosenkull
Member-at-large EVTA,
Stockholm May 2023

Photos&video by Bo Rosenkull