PEVoC and Council meeting 2024

The annual EVTA council meeting is scheduled for the afternoon of September 7, 2024 after the PEVoC conference which takes place September 4-7 in Santander, Spain.

More details are coming soon, but here you can get acquainted with the city and PEVoC:

EVTA will be offering a pre-course WHAT DO YOU HEAR? VOICE TRAINING FROM NON-SINGER TO PROFESSIONAL for the participants of PEVoC this time. Take a look at the programme on PEVoC website and consider attending!

EVTA members and Friends of EVTA are eligible for a group discount on the PEVoC participant fee, please apply here.

Featured image credit: sculptures Die Lauschenden by Karl-Henning Seemann in Freiburg (Pixabay, 2023)

Eurovox 2026

November 7, 2023