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The Internet offers a kaleidoscope of changing resources, some of them useful, others a waste of time and money.  The information presented here includes resources collected and evaluated as useful by participants and resource persons involved in the EVTA project and beyond.  Since the lifespan of such resources is very short and the sector constantly evolving, EVTA will endeavour to update the information, but can not vouch for continuing availability or the quality of resources listed here. 

1.1. Digital resources on the Internet (PDF, 151 KB)

          Dr. Scott S. Swope DMA - EVTA e.V.

 The following list attempts to organize different kinds of digital resources for voice teachers and voice students currently available on the internet. It doesn't purport to be exhaustive but should be seen as a starting point to aid teachers and students in their search for websites, software, APPS, databanks, printed music and sheet music, audio and video materials, etc. on the vast world wide web. There is a bit of serendipity built in as well, so let your curiosity guide you...you never know what you will find! If you run across any new websites or resources you think would be great for this list, please pass the information on to me. We would like to see this grow and become a place where all voice teachers and singers come to search.

The list is divided into the following sections:

  • Classical Vocal Music Resource Websites
  • Example of Voice Exercises-Warm-up on YouTube
  • Other vocal exercises
  • Digital Sheet Music sites
  • Digital Sheet Music sites for CCM, Musical, Jazz, Evergreens, Childrens, XMAS
  • Audio-editing software
  • Video Game Consoles:
  • Music Notation / Scorewriter Software List
  • Voice & Spectrum Analysis software
  • Audio Recording Hardware
  • Website & Internet sites
  • Smart Phones and Tablets: APPS for Singing
  • Basic Website software



1.2. Using YouTube (PDF, 77KB)

        Mag.art. Sofija Cingula, HUVOP 

 USING YouTube: During European Vocal Pedagogy Week in Ljubljana (February 2011) we had a great opportunity to discuss many topics and try out new things concerning new technologies (ICT) and voice analysing softwares in vocal pedagogy. In this report I will try to point out some ideas concerning the usage of YouTube in voice teaching. There are many possibilities of using YouTube during a voice lesson or practise, both classical and CCM. (continued. . . . . .)


1.3. EVTA YouTube channel: