Audio-Video recordings

3.6.1. Audio and Video recordings in the teaching studio:

          Why should we record our student's lessons? (PDF, 125 KB)

             Carolien van Workum, Netherlands

An argument for using computer-based audio and video recording as an active teaching tool in voice lessons. Anecdotal experience using computer based recordings with voice students to achieve better understanding and retention. Recommends teacher do recordings so the student can concentrate on the lesson and the teacher can edit recordings, if necessary, before giving student access. 

Personal recommendations for video recording software, web-cams and USB microphones. Apple/MAC system preferred, but Windows compatibility possible. Recommendations for dissemination to students and storage of recordings using cloud services such as Dropbox. (more here.....)


3.6.2 Questionnaire on pedagogical uses of recordings

             Prof. Norma Enns, EVTA e.V.

As a partial fulfilment of the documentation requirement of the Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships Life Long Learning Grant from the E.U., EVTA formulated a questionnaire for the participants of the 6. European Vocal Pedagogy week in Helsinki, Finland in June 2012 about their personal experiences and practices of recording voice lessons.  The original idea came from a similar questionnaire that had been used in the previous EVPW in Vienna in Feb. of 2012.  

The questionnaire form could be downloaded, filled-out and returned to Prof. Norma Enns.



3.6.3 Summary of Questionnaire responses- EVPW Vienna-Feb. 2012 (PDF, 35 KB)

The results of the questionnaire (3.6.2) on using audio and video recording in the voice studio are presented in a raw-data form. The questionnaire was filled out by the participants at the European Vocal Pedagogy Week in Vienna, Austria in Feb. 2012. A cross-section of teachers and voice students answered questions regarding their practice of recording their lessons.