Madde + egg



3.4.1.  Voice Analyzing for Beginners (PDF, 1.8 MB)

             Aija Puurtinen and Ritva Eerola, EVPW Helsinki, June 2012

A Powerpoint presentation from voice teachers for voice teachers wanting to begin to us voice visualisation software in teaching. Explanations of basics of acoustic and spectrograms, using screen shots from different visualisation softwares of what a spectrogram should look like showing both good as well as problem vocal production. A specific section on using VoceVista software with an Electroglottograph is also presented. 


3.4.2. Voice Synthesis in the Teaching Studio: Using MADDE to Demonstrate Vocal Sound (PDF, 39 KB)

     Prof. Norma Enns, October 2012

Two cases studies from university level studio practice using MADDE: 1. Tenor- upper Register, and 2. Soprano: middle register. Explanations of the problem, methodology used, students reactions and use, results and conclusions.