Master classes

3. 5 Master Classes


3.5.1. Master Class for Artists -- fruitful and creative learning arena! (PDF, 11 KB)

          Aija Puurtinen, DMus, pop-jazz vocal teacher, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

Aija Puuritnen presents her philosophy about the difference in teaching established artists over students in a "master class" situation.

Master class for artists - fruitful and creative learning arena!

Intensity of singing lesson and vocal coaching should be understood as a relational phenomenon, and not only a product of teacher intensity. Teaching "students" who are already recording artists, performing mostly their own compositions , should not be a conventional master-apprentice - relationship but rather a master-master - relationship.

Creative student - Creative teacher - Confident and respectful atmosphere!

In a public master class situation I´m focusing on statements: "in what detail would you like to work on more precisely" or, "what I got on your performance and what I heard this time was..." and maybe after that, "we could try a couple of different approaches..." rather than the more traditional way , "you should do....".  (......more)


3.5.2. Lesson via the Internet: Allan Wright in France linked to us in Ljubljana. (PDF, 64 KB)

            Ivor Flint, AOTOS, UK

A comprehensive report about experiencing an online teaching lesson over SKYPE at the European Vocal Pedagogy Week in Ljubljana, Slovenia in Feb. 2011. An excellent overview about the technical requirements, advantages and disadvantages of teaching via the Internet as seen from the perspective of an active voice teacher. (........more)



3.5.3. Internet Lesson between Helsinki and Oulu: June, 2012

            Personal reports by active participants and protocols by several observers Protocol of Online Lesson between Helsinki Sibelius Academy and Oulu University, Finland. (PDF, 50 KB)

                Prof. Norma Enns, EVTA president

A comprehensive protocol of a demonstration of an online lesson between the Sibelius Academy (teacher) and Oulu University, (students and piano accompanist) using High-Speed Internet 2 dedicated University Backbone connection during the European Vocal Pedagogy Week in Helsinki, Finland on June 11, 2012.

A step-by-step explanation of preparation, technical set-up and actual teaching experience by teaching teacher, Prof. Norma Enns.

Protocol : Online lesson

Having a goal in a Master Class or one-time teaching situation has always seemed important to me. Time and again I have seen how an obviously excellent teacher is ineffective when there has been no prior contact, and both parties meet for the first time on stage with no "goal" or "aim" other than to do it "better". Both are put on the spot, and neither can do what they really are able to. Even if the teacher is up to the challenge of choosing an effective way of working, these classes tend to end up as a performance somewhere between. In my teaching experience, one of the easiest things to do is to assess a student, and find a way of changing the singing. It is also easy to convince everyone in the room that the change is an improvement. But is this learning ?  (.......more) Online Teaching via Video-conferencing, (PDF, 22 KB)

      Airi Tokola, Principal Lecturer of Voice, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, June 2012

Distance teaching and online lessons are a brilliant opportunity to get world class teaching in spite of geographical distances. Teachers and students do not need to take long journeys to get good teaching, saving time and money. The Oulu University of Applied Sciences has co-operated with other schools in the international EU supported project "Vi r Music" through years 2009 -2010. Both teachers and students have gained unique experience through this project.
Distance teaching requires absolutely high quality equipment, which is now available. The compatibility of the equipment at both ends is very important and the presence of an expert technician is also crucial at all times. It is also important that the teacher learns how to communicate in relation to the camera. It is very helpful to be able to use spectrogram-programs during online lessons. For example in this Helsinki session they worked very well. (.......more) Maria Mannermaa's comments: Online Lesson Helsinki-Oulu, (PDF, 26 KB)

              Report and comments by the local teacher and students.

 -       E-learning tools are familiar to me. I have used a variety of network applications in meetings in my work. I have also organized lectures and seminars involving the use of online tools and web conference tools. Using this technology in teaching singing was a new experience for me. I was enthusiastic to try new methods and the technology.  (......more)
     Eavesdropping on a Live Video Voice Lesson, Helsinki, June 2012 (PDF, 39 KB)

            Bruce Wilson Boreham, A.I.C.I, Italy, protocols by several observers

As in previous EVTA Vocal Pedagogy meetings, the presentations were focused largely on voice science and digital technology, and were less informative as to how the voice teacher should apply that know-how to voice teaching.

There were some noteworthy exceptions: particularly spectacular was a big-screen cinema-format live voice lesson held by Norma Enns with two Finnish opera students in another part of our host country. The dazzling albeit costly array of equipment set up by the local university was not completely flawless in its audio production,
especially in its synchronization with the image of the young singers vocalizing.

It was a rare chance to eavesdrop on a "private" voice lesson, (.......more) Online-Session with video conference from Helsinki to Oulu in N. Finland, (PDF, 9 KB)

         Bettina Kerth, member BDG- Germany; protocols by several observers

   Throughout the meeting of the European singing-teachers in Helsinki we had to work on the idea of using the „new resources“ while we are teaching. (Spectrograms, EGG, Skype and others). So the participants of the congress got the chance to see a singing lesson with two different students in Oulu and Prof. Norma Enns (Hannover) via
Internet from (600 km away). The Sibelius Academy in Helsinki has very good equipment and so we could see both Prof. Enns and the students from about 600 km away on a big screen in front of us. Also the sound was quite good. Prof. Enns had contacted the two students and her teacher a few days before, so that she could prepare the lessons very well. (.......more)

The original German language version can be found by clicking here. The Online Lesson, Report (PDF, 37 KB)

            Sarah Lewark, Student, University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover, protocols by several observers

 In the middle of our EVTA – Session in Helsinki we all participated in a very interesting and new way to teach. An ONLINE – Lesson in the Music Center! Prof. Norma Enns taught two students, Maria and Jaakko from northern Finland over the Internet. At first I was really sceptical about the idea of teaching while not being in the same room, but my opinion changed somehow during the course of the lessons.  (........more) New Dimensions to Music Education: Vi r Music 2009-2010 (PDF, 701 KB)

     Outi Nissi, senior lecturer, School of Music, Dance and Media, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, 26.08.11

An outline and explanation of the Vi r Music program in Northern Finland, using video conferencing equipment to allow distance teaching of music education and pedagogy, especially in sparsely populated areas. A report on costs, equipment, teaching program, courses taught, experiences, evaluations of effectiveness and recommendations.

Excellent overview for understanding the basics of distance education using video conferencing equipment.