HBK6 - Software Links

HBK6 - Software Links

   Despite the fact that the rapidly evolving sector of software development hardly justifies including this section, EVTA has decided to offer some exemplary links. For a more complete listing of digital tools, websites, data banks, Apps, software and audio recording equipment recommendations click here.

   Most software is written for Windows systems (WIN) , but several companies have versions for Macintosh systems (MAC). Please go to the websites listed after the software name for information and instructions on how to download and install the software.


Voice & Spectrum Analysis software:


Free Software:

Programs written by Svante Granquist for the Dept. Of Speech, Music and Hearing,School of Computer Science and Communication the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. 

RTSect - http://www.speech.kth.se/smptool/ -- A real-time dual channel spectrum display program, (WIN)

Madde - http://www.speech.kth.se/smptool/  -- An additive, real-time, singing synthesizer, Formant Tuning,  (WIN)


WaveSurfer: http://www.speech.kth.se/wavesurfer/  Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WaveSurfer 

WaveSurfer is an open source tool for sound visualization and manipulation. Typical applications are speech/sound analysis and sound annotation/transcription.  (WIN)

Download here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/wavesurfer/ Current version: 1.3.2. / ZIP File. (6.0 MB)

Commercial Software:


Sygyt Overtone Analyzer - http://www.sygyt.com $ (German& English) (WIN)

SYGYT Overtone Analyzer Software was created by Bobo Maas and Wolfgang Saus to record and explore sound, especially the sound of the voice and of musical instruments. It helps to visualize, measure and understand three main aspects of your sound: Pitch, Timbre and Change.

 The website has extensive information, help and video tutorials for training on how to use the software. The website is meant to be accessible to the layperson and even has recommendations for equipment, microphones, loudspeakers, etc. that have been tested and found compatible with the software.

The software is available in three versions: Free Version, Live Version and Premium Version.

Free Version is very limited in scope and only records and displays a 10 second segment. Free Version.

The Live and Premium versions are more extensive and cost 99 EUR and 379 EUR respectively. They can be downloaded as 30-day trial versions for free. Students can recieve a 50% discount upon request. 


VoceVistahttp://www.vocevista.com  $70.00 USD,  (WIN)  MAC compatible over virtual Windows installation using Parallels, Boot Camp or Fusion software for MAC.


Resonance in Singing: Voice Building through Acoustic Feedback. Donald Gray Miller, PhD.,  Inside View Press, Princeton, NJ, 2008. ( ISBN:978-0-9755307-5-7) Full  version of VoceVista Professional voice analysis software included with book. 

Full introduction to and handbook on using the software, includes explanations of basic acoustics, formants, interpreting voice spectrum analysis results. Each chapter includes exercises for training. Also includes how to couple Electroglottograph signals with the software. 

"Donald Miller, who designed and developed the software program VoceVista (Visual Feedback for Instruction in Singing), began his singing career as an opera singer and voice teacher. (.....)

His interest in the application of voice science to the singing voice grew in the late 70's, and in 1984 he spent a semester in Groningen, the Netherlands, on a project with Harm K. Schutte and the late Prof. Janwillem van den Berg.  In 1987 he moved  permanently to Groningen to devote himself to research on the acoustics and physiology of the singing voice as an associate of the Groningen Voice Research Lab. This resulted in a number of scientific publications together with Prof. Schutte, as well as a doctoral monograph, Registers in Singing, published in 2000.

An important result of his work in Groningen has been the program VoceVista, feedback for instruction in singing. VoceVista was introduced in 1996, when personal computers became powerful enough to perform real-time spectrum analysis. Since then it has been further perfected and is now in use in voice labs and facilities for training singers, particularily in the U. S., Germany, and the Netherlands."



Sing&See - http://www.singandsee.com  from 39 to 129 EUR, (Win / MAC-Intel OS10.5)

Sing & See is now being further developed by Cantovation Technology - a software company based in New Zealand that is dedicated to bringing innovative new technology to singers and singing teachers.

"Sing & See developed out of a research project at the University of Sydney in Australia, examining the use of visual feedback in singing training. Because there was no software available that provided the features and flexibility that we required, we decided to develop our own. The key requirements were that it should provide clear feedback, relevant to singers, and should be very easy to operate."

Sing & See was developed by a team comprising individuals with a wide range of expertise and experience, from singing pedagogy and performing to acoustic analysis algorithm development.

Dr. William Thorpe, National Voice Institute and Univ. of Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Jean Callaghan, freelance teacher, researcher and consultant; Univ. of Western Sydney.

Pat Wilson, singer, pianist, musical director, composer and teacher. Currently researching at Univ. of Sydney.

Dr. Jan van Doom, physicist. Prof. of Speech Science at Umea Univ., Sweden

Jonathan Crane, software & Apps developer and programmer.



Voiceprint: Jo Estill, http://www.estillvoice.com/pages/clinical-software

Normal Version $50 Downloaded / Plus Version $70 Downloaded

Request Voiceprint free 10-day software trial

Voiceprint program is now available for both Windows and MAC OS (Intel or Power PC G4 or better, Mac OS X v10.4 or later).

"Voiceprint™ is a real-time spectral analysis program that can record, analyze, and play back the voice. Highlights include real-time pitch tracking, dual screen option for matching voice models, and spectrogram or power spectrum analyses."



Medical Diagnostik Software:


DiVAS: www.xion-medical.com/de/produkte/divas-software   ENT/ HNO+medical (GERMAN) 

A module based German software for ENT/ HNO practices offering integrated management of patients records, analyzing and archiving photos and video records, and HD files. Specialized and expensive. Not for the general public.



Physiology and Anatomy of the Voice:


Your Voice: An Inside View: second edition (ISBN:978-0-9755307-8-8)

by Scott McCoy, DMA with Lucinda Halstead, MD

Multimedia Book, Software and CD-ROM on Anatomy and Physiology of the voice.

"Your Voice: An Inside View is the new standard in pedagogic literature for the voice. Already among the most widely used texts in pedagogy classes in the United States and abroad, the second edition is significantly enlarged and reorganized, making it even more accessible and user friendly. You will find a wealth of new information about resonance, voice analysis, and voice registration, along with a new chapter on vocal health and hygiene by Dr. Lucinda Halstead, MD. The text is supplemented by dozens of new videos, images, and multimedia examples."