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Here you can find links to research and press articles on Covid-19:


USA, NATS: Reentry Following COVID-19: Concerns for Singers (PDF, 794 KB)

David Meyer, John Nix, Lynn Helding et al, Journal of Singing

Published: August 10, 2021


Germany, Freiburg: Risk assessment of a coronavirus infection in the field of music

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Claudia Spahn and Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Richter

Published: December 14, 2020 (fifth update)

in various languages and with a very long source list


Germany, München: Risk of infection with COVID-19 from singing: First results of aerosol study with the Bavarian Radio Chorus

Prof. Matthias Echternach and Dr Stefan Kniesburges

Published: July 3, 2020


USA: Safer Singing During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic: What We Know and What We Don't

Matthew R. Naunheim, MD MBA, Jonathan Bock, MD,Philip A. Doucette, MM, MA, CCC-SLP

H. Steven Sims, MD, Ingo R. Titze, PhDThomas L. Carroll, MD a.O.

Published: July 1, 2020


UK: Where have all the singers gone, and when will they return? Prospects for Choral Singing after the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic (PDF, 448 KB)

Martin Ashley, ABCD Choral Directions Research

Published: June 2, 2020


The Netherlands: Goede ventilatie cruciaal voor coronabestrijding /
Small droplet aerosols in poorly ventilated spaces and SARS-CoV-2 transmission (translated in English)

G. Aernout Somsen, Cees van Rijn, Stefan Kooij, Reinout A. Bem en Daniel Bonn                                  

Published: May 27/28, 2020


Austria, Vienna: Untersuchung und fotografische Dokumentation von Aerosol- und Kondenswasseremission bei Chor Mitgliedern (PDF, 3.14 MB)

a.o.Univ.Prof. Fritz R. Sterz, Facharzt für Innere Medizin, Notfall- und Intensivmedizin, PAMA & ASCM Performing Arts Medicine Physician; a.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Harald Herkner, MSc, Facharzt für Innere Medizin, Notfall- und Intensivmedizin

Published: May 25, 2020


Germany, München and Berlin: Infektionsgefahr beim Musizieren. Zwei neue Studien lassen Bläser aufatmen

Antonia Morin, BR Klassik

Published: May 11, 2020