EVTA promotes exchange between our various member countries and all singing teachers and singers who are engaged in artistic or scientific research. Presenters can offer:

  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Lectures
  • Presentations

On this page you will find abstracts on artistic and technical research or scientific aspects of the voice.
The intention is that affiliated members or other interested parties can look on the EVTA website for subjects from this range of topics, both artistic or vocal, technical or scientific, for the programming of activities in their own region. This not only promotes cooperation between the different countries, but can also contribute ideas to possibly carry out new research and/or give new impulses to vocal training.
The condition is that these presentations can also be given in English.

Anyone who has a proposal and can present or teach in English, is requested to submit an abstract with cv and photo in Word (maximum 1 A4 page). Please send it to our research coordinator, Lieve Jansen. We will contact the sender for further details if necessary.



Abstracts Workshops Sarah Algoet (B)

Extreme vocal effects - How to use them safely in your interpretation
Fear of Failure & Stage fright - What is it and how to overcome it?

Interpretation & Stage presence: Telling a story – The real goal of vocal technique


Abstract Lecture - workshop- masterclass Jean-Yves Bosse-Vidal (F)

Lecture: French Lyric Diction, a New Approach

Lecture: French Song as a multicultural marriage between 2 musical systems.


Abstract Masterclass Melissa Bremmer-Ronald Klekamp (NL) 2

Masterclass:Teh Pedagogical Body of Singing Teachers


Abstracts Lectures and Masterclasses Ineke van Doorn (NL)
Lecture From the Inside Out: Singing technique for Pop and Jazz singers

Lecture/Workshop Breathing for pop and jazz singers

Masterclass How do you duo?

Masterclass Jazz Singing and Improvisation


Abstract Masterclass Sophie Fournier (F)

French Declamation in the Music of Poulenc


Abstract Presentation Nicola Harrison (UK)

The Geography of Song:Interpretation. Embodiment. Performance. A multi-disciplinary approach.


Abstract Lecture and workshop Lieve Jansen (B)

Use of the Flow Ball in Singing and Speech Voice Training


Abstract Lecture Gillyanne Kayes (UK)

Comfort Zone in Singing as Marker of Training Progress


Abstracts Lectures Pilar Lirio (E)

What  Must I Do with My Tongue in Singing? Nonlinear Source-Filter Theory in the Singing Voice: Study of the Biomechanical Adjustments of the Thyroarythenoid Muscles as a Consequence of the Lingual Movement.


Abstract Masterclass Agnès Mellon

Master Class “The French Taste” 


Abstract Lecture and workshop Jean Claude Ohms (UK)

The Flow of Breath: A Fusion of Yoga and Singing


Abstract Lecture Ailie Reid (UK)

A Comparative Study of Dalcroze, Kodaly and Suzuki Methods with a View to Maximizing Dyslexic Singers' Self-regulating Strategies when Rehearsing and Performing a Classical Piece 


Abstract Workshop Sophie Ziedoy and Nana Fagerberg (DK)

Workshop: The Body Instrument