How can we create a safe environment for our vocal teaching?

Moderator: Ineke van Doorn, Mmus


You as a teacher

  • Be open yourself about e.g. insecurities, teaching goals and methods, payment, expectations, competition
  • Meditate
  • Watch your language. If you use the word 'safe' it indicates 'fear
  • Feel safe yourself, trust yourself
  • Work in a good room
  • Don't show off yourself


You and your student

  • Deliberately explore vanity and urges to control and impress
  • Keep a professional distance, separate professional and personal interest
  • Give and receive trust and respect
  • Know what the student wants to learn
  • Allow the students to fail without making them feel failures
  • encouragement, wise words, facial expression
  • Have genuine interest and listen to your student
  • When there is stress, recognise it, stop and discuss. Don't ignore your stress or the students stress
  • Be respectful when touching someone: ask first
  • Not only focus on ethics but also on comfort
  • Gice specific feedback, not personal


You in the world

  • Creation of an ethical code
  • Creation of an EVTA Certificate
  • State level exams and requirements
  • Work in a team, e.g. with ENT specialists and speech therapists
  • Create a forum for questions