How can we develop the relationship between singing teachers, choral conducters and groups

How can we develop the relationship between singing teachers, choral conducters and groups (choirs, children, adults, elderly people, immigrants)?


Moderator: Maria van Eldik
  • Try to find individuals, who have contact to associations of choirs/conductors/music teachers and propose a meeting/workshop/discussion/online forum/courses on a theme of similar interest: to meet and exchange knowledge (network)

  • Important for the contact is the way we talk/behave: more „offering help“ and in discussions „ I agree/don't agree“ and less „You're not right/ I am right“, always with respect !

  • Work as voice teacher with a choir and their conductor:
    - first be sure to make the „terms of communication“ clear . How does the conductor speak about voice/breath/sound? How does the voice teacher talk?
    - include the conductor in training, so that he experiences, what the choir members experience.
    - talk about sound options the conductor wants to establish and show him/her how to reach this goal.

  • An ideal in working with choirs is to find a team of skills: Voice teacher, conductor, sound experts ( for mikrophoning) , maybe someone to work on movement ( Bodypercussion)

  • example of singing with special groups: „Singing Hospital“ in Germany More info here and here 

  • Important aspect for the singing teacher, when working with choirs:

    - is there a conflict between training a choral singer and a solo singer?
    - when I train the choir as whole, it's important also to work in smaller groups. - be aware of your role while working: do not establish a copy of your own, but look, what the choir singer needs to stay healthy with the singing and still enjoy singing.
    - talk about time limits for rehearsals and relexation methods to keep the voices healthy (also after rehearsals)

  • early training already in elementary schools support the voice and ear training (intonation) at an young age. There are concepts for such training in various countries ( for example „Jekiss -Jedem Kind seine Stimme“ in Germany)