Student involvement

Moderator: Janice Thompson


How can we develop student involvement, integration into professional careers (music therapy, singing, teaching, complementary music etc. ) in our associations and in EVTA?

  •  The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) already exists


In our own organisations

  • Membership benefits for students reduced fees
  • Website information
  • Forums online
  • Magazine, in 2 languages
  • Conferences: give students responsibilities, accompanying, ushering
  • A slot at Eurovox for students to present something
  • Discovering voices Symposium face etc.
  • Masterclasses and courses
  • Conference aimed solely for students I.e. Adapt level of teaching
  • Taking care subjects presented are not too negative



  •  Privately supervised mentoring
  •  Opportunities to observe and discuss, troubleshoot
  •  Assisting more advanced teachers



  • At all levels
  • Give information on competitions



  • Question and answer site?


Awareness of the value of networking and forging links with universities

Regional workshops, singing roadshows, school involvement, musical scenes on tour as part of the work of an association.