What can EVTA mean and do for your associations and for singing teachers?

Moderator: Dr. Susan Yarnall-Monks


  • Evta can help and inform our members of the international and European issues so they can be shared amongst our members
  • Inspire and share ideas - provide informed and interesting members for our national congress
  • Networking internationally, lobbying for us when there are problems (Latvia)
  • Help apply for funding
  • Different types of media communication
  • Teacher database
  • Organise courses etc.
  • support art and music- we are creative people!
  • face to face friendship, colleagues
  • possible live-streaming of events???
  • translating some not all articles???
  • promotion of members activities
  • Lead co-operation of projects
  • be more present in other networks like EMC also EAS, EMU, AEC
  • Use local members to support EVTA
  • EEA for non-EU countries Norway Switzerland etc.
  • Spread information over borders
  • Education and teaching programmes e.g. send teachers via Erasmus plus to Poland for Teaching courses
  • Be open to diversity and difference in cultures but with a European home embedded in same values - warm fuzzy feeling!
  • Develop YPP so it happens each year sharing students perhaps?
  • Making young singers aware of EVTA and opportunities for YPP in the future
  • Cross fertilisation
  • Yearly EVTA Summer camp!


In summary EVTA can help through


  1. Media - professional voice teacher discussion groups - live streaming
  2. Information
  3. Face to face friendship
  4. Grass-roots involvement in Wider world of EVTA