What do we need for professional development and support for singing teachers?

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Martin Vácha



  • more musical/stylistic education
  • psychological knowledge! – students as individuals…
  • broader range of methods especially for CCM singers
  • broader range of skills: piano, ear-training, mic-training, electronics,…
  • super and/or intervision
  • self-marketing
  • strategy of practicing
  • all music education should include pedagogy
  • enhance election level
  • balance between good artistic level AND the needs of the student
  • “soft goals”: the direction of the education should be clear, but the goal is sometimes not clear (for exemple the “stimmfach”…)



  • “Gesangspädagogisches Zertifikat” (voice pedagogy certificate) from the Bundesverband Deutscher Gesangspädagogen as a role model for experienced/educated performers?
  • academic further education like in the scientific area???
  • Master programme: teaching practice and theory
  • Organized intervision sessions – interdisciplinarity!!!



  • collaborations between national associations (not only the whole EVTA)
  • networking between different areas, fields and professions
  • exchange between teachers – core responsibility of EVTA!!!