Eurovox 2020 online

Jul 15, 2020

On Saturday 25 July, AOTOS will be launching Eurovox 2020 Online hosted on their website -


Please do not worry if you cannot find much information on their website at the moment - AOTOS is currently working on it, it will be ready on 25 July. There will be nine presentations in lecture format which will be free to view. They will be available for some time so there is no rush to watch them in one day but you will be able dip in as time allows over the summer break.

However, Barbara Hoos de Jokisch (Germany) will be joining on Zoom on Sunday 26 July at 5pm for a Q&A session. The Zoom link will be on the AOTOS website.


The presentations are:

· Karen Brunssen (NATS President - USA)

The Evolving Singing Voice: Changes across the Life Span

· Barbara Hoos de Jokisch (Germany)

How am I actually teaching? – Discerning Method with the Kaleidoscope of Vocal Methods

· Norma Enns (Canada and Germany)

Thoughts on Singing in English? Which English?

· Patricia Caicedo (Spain)

Latin American and Iberian art song repertoire in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese

· Suzanne Chadwick (Ireland)

Minding the Gap - Strategies for Managing Register Change in Upper Voices

· S. Rebeqa Rivers (USA)

The Grieving Singer

· Allen Henderson (USA)

Vocal Pedagogy for All

· John Nix (USA)

Varying Vowels and SOVTs: Does it make a difference

· John Yaffe (UK)

Yiddish Folksong


AOTOS will also be re-releasing the late Paul Deegan’s presentation at their summer conference 2017 on the Goethe poem Kennst du das Land.