Eurovox July 24-26, 2020 Edinburgh, Scotland

Feb 15, 2020

EUROVOX 2020 will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland on 24-26 July 2020. Theme of the conference is 'Let all the world in ev'ry corner sing'.


Eurovox is a congress organized by European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA) every three year and focuses on various aspects of human singing, therefore it gathers professional and amateur singers, their teachers, scientists, physicians and other enthusiasts of the voice all together. In 2020, it will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on 24-26 July 2020 and hosted by the Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS) in the UK.



Call for papers

The submission deadline for papers, workshops, and poster presentations is Tuesday 1 October 2019.

Eurovox 2020 is a great opportunity for researchers to present their work to an international audience. This conference is aimed at anyone working in schools, conservatoires or universities; with choirs, individuals or groups; young or old; professional or amateur. It is looking at bringing singing teachers of all nations together to learn from each other.

All elements in the congress such as masterclasses, workshops and presentations will focus around the central theme 'Let all the world in ev'ry corner sing'.

We are inviting all those involved in the latest research and pedagogy to submit applications of academic papers and practical workshops to be included in this Europe-wide conference.

The language for all presentations will be English. The following formats are available:

  • 15-minute paper
  • 30-minute lecture
  • 45-minute practical workshop (not a lecture or paper)
  • 600-word poster to be displayed throughout the conference

You will find more information and an application form at the Eurovox website.

Presenters will include:

Roderick Williams OBE, British baritone – Recital with pianist Susie Allan; Masterclass
Cecilia McDowall, British composer – Masterclass on her songs Flights of Angels
Karen Brunssen, NATS President (USA) – International pedagogy; The evolving singing voice: changes across the lifespan; Masterclass
Kim Chandler – Masterclass on Contemporary Commercial Music
Scott Harrison – Musical theatre masterclass
Norma Enns – Teaching English song to non-native speakers; English contemporary commercial Music in contrast to 'English classical song'
Martin Vácha – German Romantic Lieder ensembles (Schumann's Minnelied); Phrasing in Schubert’s vocal music
Ineke van Doorn – Breathing technique for pop and jazz singers; Masterclass on pop and jazz
Sascha Wienhausen – Complete Vocal Technique presentation; CVT workshop
Nicholas Gibbins – Voice science
Patricia Caicedo – Workshop on pronunciation for Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese songs; Masterclass
Barbara Hoos de Jokisch, German Singing Teachers Association – Talk on teaching: Kaleidoscope-Model
Andri Björn Róbertsson with Eileen and Christopher Field – Masterclass on Icelandic songs
Margaret Bennett – An overview of Gaelic or Scots traditions, with examples; Gaelic work songs
Jenevora Williams – Adolescent voices
Frikki Walker – Boys' changing voices
Heather Nicoll – Performance psychology and mindfulness
David McCabe, osteopath – Working with singers
Sue Mitchell – Emmett therapies
Julie Harvey and the Cheyne Gang – Community singing for people with respiratory issues

More info on the presenters you can find here.


Young Profesionals Programme (YPP)

In 2020 there will be a young profesionals programme (YPP) during the Eurovox Congress in Edinburgh. The YPP programme is designed to enable young artists, teachers and researchers to participate in international conferences. The selected artists will sing for Master Classes and presentations in various styles (music theatre, classical, contemporary, popular, folk, jazz, etc.) as well as perform in concert. Teachers and researchers will present their work in posters, free papers, lectures, or workshops. The application deadline is Nov 1st, 2019. You can read more about YPP and the application process here.


Venue of the conference

The conference will take place at Stewart's Melville College, Edinburgh
Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3EZ, Scotland.


More info

For the latest details of the exciting range of presenters we have lined up, like the Eurovox 2020 Facebook page and see the Eurovox 2020 website where you can book your place from January 2020.


Promotional materials

Launch letter (PDF file, 138 KB)

Posters and flyers (ZIP file, 752 KB)