EVTA Zoom No. 2, November 20, 2020

Nov 8, 2020

The EVTA board send you all good wishes during this time of unprecedented challenges to our health, to our cultural heritage, to our teaching practice and to our livelihoods. We are planning a Zoom meeting hosted by our Portuguese colleagues on the effects of online teaching.


It will be 3pm European time, 2pm English and Portuguese time and we hope some American colleagues will be able to join us as it will be 9am New York time.


One of the positive outcomes of Covid-19 has been an increase in online connectivity across the world and a recent NATS Zoom meant we were able to share our experiences with each other. We hope this Zoom meeting will also help us all cope with the demands of this pandemic. Filipa Lã will talk about some of the technical aspects of online teaching and I will talk briefly about the health concerns that are emerging from teaching online, but the main part of our 1 hour chat will be for you to share your experiences and ask questions.


Tips for online individual singing lessons‚Äč

  • Internet connection
  • Meeting platforms
  • Microphone choice
  • External sound cards / Audio interfaces
  • Loudspeakers/ headphones
  • Lights


Presented by the Portuguese Association of Voice Teachers and Professionals (APVoz) Filipa Lã and Mauro Fiuza.


Participation is free for EVTA members, you'll find the link in our most recent newsletter.