Online course: Specialization in Pedagogy and Technology for Voice and Singing

Oct 12, 2022

The goal of the course is to promote continuing specialized education on techniques and evidence-based practical skills of evaluation, analysis, (re)habilitation and education of the voice for speech and singing.


2023 Specialization in Pedagogy and Technology for Voice and Singing Online Course of the UNED/Spain

Coordinators: Filipa La (PhD) and Nuria Polo (PhD)
Faculty: Johan Sundberg (PhD), Brian Gill (PhD), Sten Ternström (PhD), Svante Granqvist (PhD)


Course period: from January to July 2023


Delivered in English, Portuguese and Spanish, this course targets: health specialists (e.g., laryngologists, phoniatricians, speech and language pathologists); educators (teachers, music educators, voice educators, hearing and speech teachers; professional voice users (e.g. singers, actors, journalists); and voice scientists.


1. Introduction to the physiology and acoustics of the voice
2. Objective and perceptual evaluation of the voice
3. Acoustic, physiological and aerodynamic measures
4. Voice habilitation


Learning outcomes include:

  • Knowledge on functional anatomy and physiopathology of the voice
  • Understanding of the physiology and acoustics of speech and singing
  • To objective and perceptually evaluate voices
  • Tailoring vocal exercises to specific vocal needs
  • Acoustical, physiological and aerodynamic analysis of the voice
  • Technology in voice education
  • Evidence-based(re)habilitation practices
  • Distinguish the different research methodologies applied in voice research


Registration is available here, and there is a tutorial on how to register (with subtitles in English and Portuguese).