EVTA Echo is a collection of excellent articles selected from some of our member associations’ magazines, translated into English so that they can be more widely read. It is being issued annually around the World Voice Day (16th April).

The member associations are welcome to submit their articles for review by the EVTA board until 1st March by writing to echo [at] evta-online.eu

Due to copyright reasons, the issues of EVTA Echo are available only to members of EVTA associations and Friends of EVTA. No part of it may be reproduced and/or made public by means of print, photocopy, tape, electronic or any other means without written permission from the publisher.

You can access the archive of the previous EVTA Echo issues using a password that has been sent to our members and friends:

The publications featured in the EVTA Echo are:


  • Quantitative examination of vocal folds, perspectives for image analysis and OCT with ultra-high resolution by Mette Pedersen
  • The vocal teacher at a loss, an article about ILO, EILO and teaching singing by Tori Teigen
  • Interview with Karen Brunssen by Edwin Pitt Mansfield
  • Warming up at 9, a singing project from Switzerland born from the pandemic by Barbara Böhi and Julia Schiwowa


  • A questioning pedagogy in the singing lesson by Antje de Wit and Sadhu Bolland
  • Zarzuela, a vast and exciting repertoire to be discovered by Jean-Yves Bosse-Vidal
  • APPsolutely Helpful, A Guide to Mobile App Technology in Vocal Pedagogy by Lesia Mackowycz
  • Breathing Technique for Jazz/Pop singers by Ineke van Doorn