Honorary members

The consitution of EVTA allows the EVTA Council to honor persons who have distinguished themselves in helping and supporting EVTA e.V. and its aims to be named Honorary Members of EVTA. No duties or voting rights are attached to the honor but does allow all honorary members free access to EVTA e.V. primary sponsored events.

Former honorary members of EVTA have been or currently are:

Prof. Horst Günter, Germany †
Prof. Helmut Kretschmar, Germany
Prof. Ank Reinders, The Netherlands
Cora Canne-Meijer, The Netherlands †
Margreet Witsen Elias, The Netherlands
Eva Lomm, Sweden
Ingrid Schmidt, Sweden
Paul Deegan, United Kingdom †
Elisabeth Hawes, United Kingdom †
Pamela Bowden, United Kingdom †
Edith Selig-Papée, France †
Régine Crespin, France †
Prof. Jakob Stämpfli, Switzerland †
Prof. Norma Enns, Germany / Canada
Dr. Scott S. Swope, Germany / USA
Claudia Phillips, France / USA