NATS: National Association of Teachers of Singing (USA)

Pevoc: Pan-European Voice Conferences

Nordic Culture Fund

The Nordic Culture Fund supports an innovative and dynamic artistic and cultural scene in the Nordic Region, one that is diverse, accessible and of high quality. The music initiative PULS is a three-year funding programme to support promoters, venues and festivals in their work with Nordic music and presenting new artists. With OPSTART you have the opportunity to improve the quality of your project

European Choral Assosiation – Europa Cantat

European Music Council (EMC)

European Agenda for Music


Leo Sings partners

Cepravoi: CEntre de PRAtiques VOcales et Instrumentales en région Centre (France)

EVA: European Voices Association (Germany)

Plate-forme interrégionale d’échange et de coopération pour le développement culturel (France)

Fundació Interarts per la Cooperació Cultural Internacional (Espagne)

 INECC: Institut Européen de chant choral

Moviment Coral Català (Espagne)

Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium (Conservatoire Royal) Aarhus /

Aalborg (Danemark)