Aug 5, 2023

Council Meeting 2023 »

The annual EVTA council meeting is scheduled for August 5, 2023 in Erlangen, Germany.

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Jul 1, 2023

NATS/AOTOS/EVTA conference June 2023 »

EVTA President Susan Yarnall-Monks looks back at the successful NATS/AOTOS/EVTA joint conference in June 2023.

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May 15, 2023

Congress of the Union of European Phoniatricians, Turkey 2023 »

In April 2023 our member-at-large Bo Rosenkull took part in 30th Congress of the Union of European Phoniatricians in Turkey and has written his short report on the event.

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Apr 16, 2023

Happy World Voice Day 2023 »

The EVTA board is delighted to be able to send out the latest edition of EVTA echo today. If you are a member of an EVTA association and do not soon receive the newest issue from the president or international coordinator of your association, please remind them to forward it to you.

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Mar 16, 2023

Global Connections, The Wisdom Amongst Us »

AOTOS invites you to its Summer Conference 2023 held at the VOCES8 Centre in London on 3rd and 4th June 2023.

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Jan 22, 2023

The Art of Singing IVC Masterclass in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Feb 28 - Mar 5, 2023 »

The famous Dutch singing pedagogue Margreet Honig will share her profound technical knowledge and her long life experience of teaching young singers with both young artists and pedagogues. For the first time, the International Vocal Competition ‘s-Hertogenbosch is organizing a masterclass week that also targets vocal coaches. Singers and vocal coaches can still apply and the public can attend public events from 2 to 5 March at the Willem Twee Toonzaal in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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Dec 19, 2022
Nov 1, 2022

EVTA Newsletter November 2022 »

The EVTA newsletter of November 2022 ist out, see it here!

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Aug 22, 2022

Supporting membership status 'Friends of EVTA' available for individuals »

A new supporting membership for individuals - Friends of EVTA - is available for those who do not have an EVTA association in their country. Submit your application now!

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Aug 17, 2021

Council Meeting 2021 - Zoom only »

It is with much regret that the EVTA board have decided to make our Council Meeting and Workshop with Barbara Hoos de Jokisch a Zoom only event.

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Apr 18, 2021

PEVoC Tutorial Webinar 2021 »

As you know, the PEVoC14 in Tallinn has been postponed to August 24-27, 2022. However, to keep our community consolidated, the PEVoC advisory board has decided to conduct a half-day Tutorial Webinar on 21 August, 2021.

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Apr 11, 2021

Online SOVT 'Singposium' »

SOVT (Semi Occluded Vocal Tract) exercises – where the mouth is partially closed – have been an essential part of vocal training and rehabilitation for some years. A 'Singposium' on this topic took place on April 11, 2021.

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Mar 25, 2021

EVTA Youtube Channel Available »

European Voice Teachers Association has been meeting our members virtually during this Covid‑19 pandemic and we are keeping our meetings and webinars on this YouTube channel for members to view after the live events have taken place. Please subscribe our channel as we hope to have more webinars soon!


EVTA Youtube Channel

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Mar 12, 2021

Webinar by Jennie Morton »

The recording of the webinar by Jennie Morton is now online on our YouTube channel!

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Nov 10, 2020

PEVoC 2021 Postponed to 2022 »

The organisers are very sorry to inform that the 14th Pan European Voice Conference in Tallinn has been postponed to 2022 due to the general concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. "As your comfort and safety are our top priorities, it has been decided that this is the best course of action to give as many people as possible the chance to attend the conference without exposing them to health risks," say Allan Vurma and Kristel Kalling, Co-Chairs of PEVoC14.

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Sep 11, 2020

New Executive Board Elected, Thanks to Previous Members »

Susan Yarnall Monks, the current EVTA President writes that the Annual EVTA Council Meeting was held legally and correctly via Zoom on Friday 11th September 2020. Reports were received and approved by the 16 Councillors who were present and elections were held for seats on the Executive Board. All votes were unanimous.

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Jul 15, 2020

Eurovox 2020 online »

On Saturday 25 July, AOTOS will be launching Eurovox 2020 Online hosted on their website -

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Jun 7, 2020

Kristin Linklater Rest in Peace »

We are truly saddened to hear of the passing of Kristin Linklater at her home in Orkney on Friday 5th June.

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May 4, 2020

COVID-19 risk assessment for voice teachers and coaches »

We are putting this important paper on our website that had been translated from German to English with the help of Prof. Marilyn Schmiege of BDG and Scott Swope in the USA. It is not an encouraging document to quickly start individual lessons or choral rehearsals again. Plexi screens between teacher and student might be a necessity in the first start-up period. It is all the more reason to ask for support for all financially affected artists.

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Apr 30, 2020

EVTA joins other music sector organisations to call for EU and national investment »

Music sector joins together to call for EU and national investment to address current crisis and promote diversity. Music is one of the first sectors hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. It will also be one of the last. In light of this dire situation, we call for emergency as well as sustainable public support and structural policies at EU, national, regional and local level to consolidate the music ecosystem, and help it thrive again in all its diversity.

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Mar 22, 2020

In Memoriam Paul Deegan »

It is with a heavy heart that we regretfully inform you that our dear friend Paul Deegan succumbed to the coronavirus last night in Dublin.

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Mar 20, 2020

COVID-19: update for Eurovox 2020 »

Unfortunately, the conference had to be cancelled due to the virus pandemic.

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Jul 29, 2019

Tribute to Paolo Zedda »

Still shocked by the news of Paolo Zedda’s untimely and brutal death, I want to take time to write a few words of tribute to his contribution to one of his passions, EVTA.

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Jul 15, 2019

Pevoc 2019 - Voicing science and experience »

Pevoc 2019 will start soon! From august 27-30 voice professionals from all over the world will meet in Copenhagen. You can read all about it and sign up at

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Mar 16, 2019

Annual BDG Voice Conference May 3-5, Essen, Germany »

From May 3 – Sunday, May 5, 2019 the annual BDG Voice Conference takes place in cooperation with and located at the Folkwang University of the ArtsEssen-Werden, Germany. Theme is WUNDERLAND BERUFSVERBAND: KOSTEN, KUNST UND SACHVERSTAND. The conference language is GERMAN.

Download your registration form at

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Oct 25, 2018

Eurovox 2018: a big succes! »

Over 400 attendees and speakers from 25 countries as far as USA, South Africa and Australia, 54 lectures, masterclasses and workshops all around the central theme of Vocal Fusion, 32 volunteers, 11 talented Young Professionals that sang in the masterclasses and the closing concert, 187 persons who joined the barbecue at the beach and saw the sun set in the sea, 272 users of the congress app, 632 messages sent via the app, 291 business cards exchanged via the app. The Eurovox congress in The Hague was sold out and a great succes!

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Oct 11, 2018

NATS Transatlantic Pedagogy Trip to Germany »

To Celebrate their 75th Anniversary the American NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) organises a Transatlantic Pedagogy Trip to Germany from June 7-18, 2019. Part of the trip is a BDG/NATS Mini-Conference and Banquet Dinner in Berlin on Saturday June 8, 2019. More information you will find at the NATS website.

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Aug 31, 2018

2 New Evta members »

Last august, at the last Evta Council Meeting at Eurovox, The Hague, 2 new Evta members were being welcomed. The Portuguese APVoz (Associação Portuguesa de Professores e Profissionais da Voz) and PSD: Profesyonel Ses Dernegi (Professional Voice Society) from Turkey make that Evta has now 23 members!

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Aug 30, 2018

Elections Executive Board »

Elections for three members-at-large were held at the last council meeting on August 30 in The Hague. We are happy to announce that all three members-at-large were re-elected and that they will continue their work for Evta till January 2021.  Congratualtions Maria van Eldik- BDG (Germany), Lieve Jansen - Evta-Be (Belgium) and Ineke van Doorn - NVZ (The Netherlands).

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Aug 12, 2018

Specialization Course in the Sciences of Voice, Speech and Singing »

Provox organises an online Specialization Course in the Sciences of Voice, Speech and Singing. It looks very promising and interesting!

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Jul 24, 2018

Certificate of Membership of EVTA »

For members of associations that are a member of EVTA it is possible to get a Certificate of Membership of EVTA.

Please send an email with your request to Dr. Susan Yarnall Monks

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Jun 17, 2018

EMC Report Oslo »

Stay up-to-date and read the report EVTA secretary Claudia Phillips wrote about the European Music Council Forum on Music in Oslo 7-10 June. You will find the report here.

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Mar 20, 2018

55th NATS National Conference »

In the spirit of cooperation across the global voice community, the NATS invite you to take part in the National Association of Teachers of Singing 55th NATS National Conference in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, June 22–26, 2018, at the Tropicana Las Vegas hotel and conference center. | Read more »