YPP Feedback

Here are some of the comments we received after Eurovox 2018 in The Hague



Sophie Allen - UK /Austria
“Thank you so much for a wonderful Eurovox. It was a real privilege to take part in the YPP programme, and I feel I gained a lot from my experiences.”

“Eurovox gave me the chance to work with some fantastic artists and teachers. I was particularly honoured to work on Lied repertoire with Elly Ameling, one of the absolute all time greats. She gave me some fresh ideas for interpretation, and I loved the ideas that she got me to try out to maximise contrasts in my performance. I also really liked the way that
Brian Masuda got me thinking about the connection between breathing, emotion, and character development. His approach worked wonders in the space of about 20 minutes! Eurovox gave me the opportunity to present
myself on an international stage, and in front of what is possibly the scariest - but also the most understanding - audience ever - 250+ singing teachers. When else does one get the chance to do that? Eurovox gave me the confidence that I am on the right track with my career development. I had some interesting discussions with positive feedback, and advice about what I need to work on next.”



Clarissa Reali -Italy
“I feel very lucky for this opportunity, and I hope this could be the start of my career! I thank you and all the people who gave me this special possibility because for me it was a really interesting way to hear other people singing in different styles. I had the chance to learn so many things and to meet new young girls, who has passion for what they do, as I have.”


Solveig Bergersen - Norway
“The YPP program was a wonderful opportunity to go abroad and meet inspiring people that love what I love. The conference had lots of interesting workshops and masterclasses, and we were never bored. “


Elena Toullec - France
“Even if I was so terrified before singing about the improvisation thing. But Ineke and Marc pushed me in a very good way and it was a wonderful experience so thank you! I learned a lot of things thanks to you!”
“…it was just a wonderful experience about singing of course but not only! I'm very sensitive about social things and it was a great social adventure ! I was nervous before going that the atmosphere will be competitive with some judgments even if I thought no, I was wondering. But it was just perfect ! The ambience is so positive and it pushes you to be yourself and do great things. The others YPP were very talented and humble and we had a lot of fun together. The organisation team did a really good job and they were open to us in case of difficulties.”





Elisabeth Pawelke -Germany
Also for me as a researcher in the YPP it was a wonderful experience meeting all these extremely talented and nice people who love singing as I do. I got many new impressions, precious thoughts, friends and inspirations for researching as well as for singing and teaching. Many truthful words were said which are still touching my heart a lot. Thank you dearly for so much wisdom and clarity in what really matters. One could really see and feel how much it also means to all the organisers and volunteers. In my opinion creating something like that is so important, it comes from and goes right to the hearts. Thank you so much for all your energy and for making this possible. I really hope to meet you all again one day.”


Filomena Croce - Italy/Netherlands
“I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the
Eurovox this year, I met wonderful and energetic people and I learned a lot
from Ineke's and Marc’s masterclass and from the one held by Mary Hammond.”


Anne Bertin-Hugault - France
“For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet singers of all Europe and to discover great artists. Through the masterclasses, conferences and workshops, I learned a lot about the voice in many ways: styles, new ideas to try and develop about the voice, body, pedagogy, shows…
As YPP, I was lucky to receive personal advice from famous singers and teachers. It was also a beautiful experience to mix all styles of music in the concert, and to realise that we all make part of the great family of singers!”



Mariana Pedrozo - Argentina/ Austria

I am so happy I could participate as a singer of the YPP Program at the Eurovox Symposium - Den Haag 2018. It was a wonderful experience, I had the chance to work with two amazing singers and pianist at the masterclasses. To be able to hear the colleagues from Pop and Jazz and to work with them at the final concert was also very enriching. In the free time I could get to hear some very interesting conferences from the voice Teachers. The organisation was very good, the whole Team made us feel very welcome and created a very positive atmosphere.